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 Licensed GA Counselor Since 1991


During the pandemic, more individuals than ever are seeking help dealing with the uncertainty. 

I have been in practice for over 25 years and after all these years I remain as passionate about my chosen profession as I did when I first began; perhaps even more so. Since 1991, I have worked with many individuals helping them to cope with unexpected hardship, anxiety, stress, fear, and depression, as well as improve relationships, gain self-confidence, identify and avoid negative life patterns, and achieve overall personal well-being and growth. My years of experience, insight, flexibility, and passion for what I do allow me to quickly assess a problem and provide direction and support in helping clients achieve the changes and future they want and need in a warm, progressive, non-judgmental healing environment.

Even during these unprecedented times, I especially enjoy:

 Working with couples in helping them to understand and improve their relationships.

 Guiding young adults to navigate the next step in their lives: college or workforce entry, now frequently remote, while defining and pursuing their dreams and establishing a work/life balance.

 Helping parents to adapt their parenting style and family time together, and develop their child’s coping skills.

 Supporting individuals to develop emotional resiliency by offering a safe and nurturing environment where they can explore, define and redefine their sense of self gaining clarity, insight, confidence, and achieve peace and well-being.

I also provide services for children specializing in the use of art and creative expression to empower and build self-confidence.

Located in Roswell, GA

4 miles off GA 400 Exit 7 (Holcomb Bridge Rd)

Post-Graduate Certification in Family Therapy
Advanced Certification in EMDR by the
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified DBT Therapist by the
Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor
Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional by the
Certified in QNRT
(Neuro-Reset Therapy)